Gold Seal Certification

CCA Gold Seal Accredited Courses

Stevens Consulting Group Inc. is proud to be one of the providers whose courses have been accredited or “pre-approved” as part of the CCA Gold Seal Certification program. Our pre-approved courses fall under the category of Special Industry Courses (SICs):

What is Gold Seal?

The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) Gold Seal Certification Program is a national certification program for construction Project Managers, Superintendents, Estimators and Owners’ Project Managers. Certification is based on the candidate’s education, experience and their ability to satisfy the rigorous standards of the Program. This may mean the successful completion of a Gold Seal exam. The Gold Seal Certificate was developed by the industry for the industry and is a voluntary certification program for the individual. The Certificate signifies that the individual has attained a nationally recognized level of experience and competence as a Project Manager, Superintendent, Estimator or Owners’ Project Managers.

Setting the Standards for Accreditation

Education is a key part of the Gold Seal Certification program. Credits toward your Gold Seal Certified (GSC) or Professional, Gold Seal Certified (P.GSC) designations can be earned through a variety of educational offerings – from seminars of as few as six hours to 30 hour courses to technician/technologist or engineering programs.

Gold Seal applicants can take, and submit, courses from any colleges, universities, private agencies, construction associations, etc., as long as they meet the criteria above.

Most of these credits fall under the category of Special Industry Courses (SICs). SICs must be managerial in focus and apply specifically to the construction sector.

Want to know more?

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