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  • Really enjoyed the presentation style, book and Powerpoint.  Book was far superior to most I've seen.
    Don Ruch-Kall, Manitoba Innovation, Energy & Mines
  • Kept the pace at the right level.  Used a lot of real world examples.  Material was well presented.
    Chris Mazur, Manitoba Hydro
  • Great interaction between facilitator and attendees.
    Cindy Langen, Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre
  • Kept the audience engaged, kept it light and interesting.  Very informative.
    Owen McNamara, Saskatchewan Transportation Company
  • Instructor did a great job keeping people engaged.  Very good presentation skills.
    Gerard Tymrick-Purvis, City of Calgary
  • Great stories to keep program going.  Lots of good insights.  Want to take more courses, e.g. RFP, negotiations, etc.
    Nicole Brugman, City of Calgary
  • Excellent experience was evident throughout. I will recommend Court for all our project managers.
    Dawn Nedohin-Macek, Manitoba Hydro
  • Group discussions help relate to work experience.
    Tyler Ishii, City of Calgary
  • Absolutely excellent. Manual is a gold mine of useful information (no fluff). Presentation skills were very good. Topics will contribute directly to ability to prepare / participate in preparation of RFPs. A real pleasure. Thanks.
    Casey Mercer, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
  • Loved the real life examples, humour, etc.  Made it easy to understand and follow.
    Diane Karalash, Province of Manitoba
  • I really enjoyed the presentation techniques as they provide concrete concepts to the material presented.  Not only are these concepts applicable to my position, but are valuable to personal contracts as well.  Great educational material.  Thanks.
    Colleen Barton, City of Calgary
  • The handouts and course binder are excellent resources.
    Ron Norton, City of Edmonton
  • Lots of time for discussion on various topics brought forward by the group.  Thought provoking.
    Steve Dold, City of Calgary
  • Good audience engagement.  Well thought-out, clear and concise material.
    Chris Tse, City of Calgary
  • Book is excellent for reference, course material relevant to a broad range of business areas.
    Chipp Robb, City of Calgary
  • Excellent job giving a well founded course.  I learned a lot.
    Troy Sykes, City of Calgary
  • Lots of good examples.  High level overview of many good and important topics - very related to my job as a Project Manager.
    Shawna Cochrane, City of Calgary
  • It kept my attention.  The instructor was very likeable, witty and knowledgeable.
    Steve Watson, Environment Canada
  • Court uses clear concise language and style.  Treats students as peers.
    Brinton McLaughlin, Alberta Procurement Services
  • The teacher's energy and presentation technique is well suited to my learning style.
    Jules Gareau, Manitoba Hydro
  • Provided a lot of detail / examples that can (must) be revisited when creating RFPs in the future.
    Brian Howe, Environment Canada
  • Gave me a good understanding on how to prepare for and do actual negotiations.
    Bianka T. Filep, Manitoba Hydro
  • Court was able to give great real life examples that clearly demonstrate topics he was presenting.
    Steve French, Service Alberta
  • Excellent presentation approach by Court.  Provided real and applicable examples.  Guidelines are thorough and I will be using them to more effectively prepare for and manage contracts.
    Norman Smith, Manitoba Hydro
  • Personal anecdotes and examples really helped drive home the information being delivery at the workshop.
    Brad Cumming, Environment Canada
  • The instructor was very knowledgeable and presented everything very well.
    Michael Collins, Government of Alberta
  • Layout of material is very good.  Excellent examples provided.
    Alex Fischer, Environment Canada
  • Court is very well spoken.  I recommend this course to anyone interested in contract administration.  The use of humour is a very good strategy when trying to  make a point.  Very well done.
    Mike Fones, Manitoba Hydro
  • Apply course material to real world application.
    Sandy Benetti, Environment Canada
  • Explained the material in a practical, hands-on-manner with concrete examples that are relevant to my position.
    Chris Hall, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Excellent presenter, clear voice, made time go fast - very engaging.  Great examples, stories that related to this issue.  RFP process and negotiation directly relates to work.
    Jim Keil, Manitoba Hydro
  • Course material was very well developed and organized. Instructor welcomed open discussion to clear misunderstandings. Examples provided were relevant to course content. Extremely well delivered.
    Suzanne Cayouette, Ministry of Transportation, Ontario
  • The course was excellent in giving an overview of all types of contracts. I would recommend this course to my colleagues.
    Velma Whately, Officer of the Commissioner of Official Languages
  • Instructor had extensive knowledge, practical experience and exceptional communication skills. Ability to get people to participate in discussions. Good sense of humour.
    Peter Ngo, Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation
  • The group was very diverse and I found the instructor had the experience to deal with Federal government, Provincial government and private sector equally.
    Gerie-Lynn Lavigne, Environment Canada
  • Court Stevens is a very animated knowledgeable instructor who is able to draw from a vast array of experiences and case information to highlight or demonstrate his subject matter. As such, Court took what is a normally dry topic and made it both enjoyable and interesting.
    Rodney Waite, Canada Revenue Agency
  • Combined theory with practical, real-life examples that enhanced learning. Excellent use of humour.
    Sandamali Senaratne, Service Alberta
  • Excellent "real life" scenarios and use of course content.
    Patrick Mackie, City of Calgary
  • The course was excellent for a junior project manager.  Instructor had excellent personal stories.
    Fred Penner, City of Calgary
  • Court's use of everday and past "real life" experiences was interesting and entertaining.
    Ken Richardson, City of Calgary
  • Kept attendees engagement throughout the course.
    Akmal Rafiq, City of Calgary
  • Court was engaging and informative.  He used many stories and anecdotes to make concepts tangible and relatable.
    Pierre McCann, City of Calgary
  • Good overview of CM process.  Liked the session format and layout - small group work and lecture/slide presentation.  Participants had broad spectrum of experience and the course aligned well with all.
    Dawn Thome, City of Calgary
  • Court: I attended your RFP seminar a few years back.  It is still I believe the best course I have ever attended.  Your knowledge and the quality of materials was outstanding.  Most of all your credibility as an instructor shone through. .
    Michael Ellis, PWGSC
  • The course was very appropriate for the contract management issues I deal with.  The instructor made everyone engage and I particularly enjoyed the experiences shared plus the short videos (funny) applicable for each topic discussed.
    Lourdes Baculi, City of Calgary
  • Good examples.  Engaging instructor.
    Tony Basso, City of Calgary
  • The information provided was clear and valuable.  The instructor is very knowledgeable and every subject presented was enjoyable.  The manual is a very good tool that will help me in my job.
    Carlos Montanez, City of Calgary
  • Case studies are very effective in applying the course knowledge to real situations.  Excellent examples of how "others" are doing things.  Provided good templates for our own use.
    Wade Chapman, City of Calgary
  • The course instructor was very charismatic and knew the material very well.  The course was very well laid out.
    Joel Semaniuk, Manitoba Hydro
  • Provided not only the framework but details on how to efficiently prepare an RFP.  Also provided hands-on-practice and take away materials.  Loved instructor style of teaching - clear and easy to understand.
    Sharon Johnson, Manitoba Hydro
  • Excellent course!  Provided practical information in a format I can use and implement right away.  Provided an RFP template example with actual content and wording that I can use.
    Larry Officer, Manitoba Hydro
  • Took a dry subject and made it interesting to learn.  Enjoyed hearing the stories of Court's past experiences.
    Diane Ramsay, Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship
  • Course highlighted the key importance of establishing a solid initial agreement that both parties believe in.
    Steve Spuzak, Manitoba Hydro
  • The course highlighted all the aspects of Contract Management.  But what I liked most were the examples given during the entire course as they can easily be related to various phases / aspects of Contract Management.
    Asim Marza, City of Calgary